Sunday, February 10, 2008

Living in Séte

I'm now living in Sète which is in the South of France by the sea.. It's around 25 today, always sunny.
I returned back into some light training a couple of weeks ago. The biggest thing I noticed was it was really hard to swim. I raced in the final of the French Grand Prix series in La Baule 2 weeks ago which is a sprint race. In the 750m swim i exited the water 1min 20 from the lead which is quite a lot. There was a silly boat in the middle of the course which i got confused with but still, I was a long way back. I managed to get into the main group doing a lot of work on the bike, but there were still 7 girls up the road going onto the run. I finished 8th, running ok. So overall, my French club team - Beauvais, finished 2nd overall this season, behind Poissy, the same result for us as last year.
I managed to swim 3 times before heading back up to Brittany for the Lorient World Cup last weekend. It turned into a running race, when 17 girls came together at the front on the bike. I had my best transition, going onto the run 4seconds infront. But quickly Lisa Nordon from Sweden overtook me. Behind her, I was running with 7 others and on the last lap I got tired and couldn't push anymore, so finished 9th. Still ran really well considering I've just done easy and steady running.
This week, I'm still recovering. My chest was really sore after the race, from breathing so hard! Now I have 4 weeks to train for the last World Cup of 2008 in Mexico.

I plan on returning home to Christchurch on 7th November, just in time for a What Now apperance on the 9th :-)