Friday, August 21, 2009

London World Championship Series

I am now in Yokohama, Japan for the last round of the World Championship Series before I head to the Gold Coast to prepare for the final race. I don't like to talk about my bad races, my 9th place in London was below the result I wanted. I swam well but the bike was frustrating as people over a minute and half behind caught up because there was no structure working at the front. The London bike course had a lot a bumps in the road and dangerous corners. There was a crash involving 6 or so which happened in a chasing group. The transition area was layed out as a single line of bike racks, so there was chaos in T2 as everyone cut each other off to get to their bike rack. I tried to stay on the very outside as my rack was number 1 at the front but there were still people who wanted to go on the outside of me going into transition. Within the first km, the run spread out and I ran in the second group with Sarah Groff USA, Anja Dittmer GER and Daniela Ryf SUI for most of the run. I didn't have any leg speed and I had no sprint so I finished 9th.
I flew straight from London to Tokyo then Yokohama is 90min drive from Narita Airport. We arrived on Monday to adapt to the time change but I still woke up at 3am this morning for 2 hours before getting back to sleep.
It is forcast for 32deg tomorrow and it's very humid. There are only a couple of girls who didn't race last weekend, for all us others who did we have to overcome the tired legs and the jetlag for tomorrow. All is looking good though, after some physio from Thierry I am on track for a better result.