Thursday, December 24, 2009

I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
At this time of year, from November to February, I like to relax and be a bit lazy and concentrate on rebuilding my health and fitness for next season. I have been training around 25 hours per week for the last 5 weeks with an emphasis on swimming. I train mostly alongside Laurent (actually mostly on his wheel) and sometimes with other triathletes with Pole France in Montpellier.
On the 29th November we ran the 20km of Montpellier. The course began in the centre of town, in La Comedie at 10am (French time!;)). 1441 runners began up a narrow way towards the West and looped around the North of the city. The course winded through the streets, weaving around the city's two centurys of history notably from the Roman Ages and finishing through the Military Base and back in La Comedie. I ran at 15.90km/hr and finished, first female, in 33rd place scratch in 1hr 15min 27sec. Laurent ran up front and finished 2nd running at 18.83km/hr in 1hr 3min 44sec. Pretty good after a 25hr training week. In December, we went to Paris twice. The first for an Adidas day (pictured - with hair and makeup) and the second trip was for my club, Beauvais Triathlon.
My first winter Christmas begins tonight in S├Ęte. Then on the 29th, Laurent and I will fly from France to New Zealand and celebrate New Year's Eve on the opposite side of the World in summer in Christchurch.
I sign off my 2009 blog with a video, made by Laurent, of our season.