Monday, May 31, 2010

1st - Dunkerque French Grand Prix

I arrived in France only 2 and 1/2 weeks ago but it feels like a lot longer. Settling in was really easy. We are living in the South of France, near Montpellier, where the sun is shining everyday.
I trained relatively easy for the first 2 weeks after Seoul and raced the first French Grand Prix for my club - Beauvais Triathlon, 8 days ago. I won which the team was really happy about, although my team finished in 3rd place. I was in the front group of 7 with my 4 team mates chasing in the the groups behind during the bike leg. Poissy triathlon had 3 in the front group, so I was told to wait for the run. This is tactically how it works in club style racing, as the 3 best positions of the team are calculated for the overall team result of the race.
What was different for me was during the run. I know I can match it and run up front but that's usually from running the pace up front. In Dunkerque, I felt like I ran a lot at my pace, which felt a lot more controlled. At some stages I didn't know who I was running with because of the tight turns it was single file most of the run. We finished with a sprint - surprise surprise! this time with Erin Densham AUS, it was very tight down the finsh chute. Erin overtook me going onto the carpet, then I managed to come back to cross in first!
1 Andrea HEWITT 00:58:1700:09:3100:05:5900:17:44
2 Erin DENSHAM 00:58:1700:09:2400:06:0500:17:43
3 Kathy TREMBLAY 00:58:3800:09:2300:06:0600:18:06
4 Carole PEON 00:58:4300:09:2200:06:0700:18:07
5 Magali DI MARCO 00:58:4700:09:2100:05:5800:18:12
6 Jessica HARRISON 00:59:0300:09:1900:06:0600:18:27
7 Anna Maria MAZZETTI 00:59:1000:09:3400:06:0000:18:35
8 Barbara RIVEROS 00:59:3900:09:4600:06:0000:18:01
9 Ainhoa MURUA 00:59:4600:09:2300:06:1300:18:04
10 Maria Katarzyna CZESNIK 00:59:5100:09:3000:06:0900:18:06