Friday, July 9, 2010

Watch Hamburg LIVE

The Triathlon World Championship Series event in Hamburg is next weekend 17th and 18th July.

Click here to watch it live

I have only raced once in Hamburg, 4 years ago in 2006. It was one week after the World Championships in Lausanne and after a good performance there finishing 10th, I went to Hamburg trying back to back races and back then I couldn't! I finished 45th!
So much has changed since then though. I have been able to run up front this year, currently sitting 8th in the World rankings.
For the past month I have been training in Font Romeu in the French Pyrénées at 1800m altitude. The riding is the best up here, that's only if you like climbing though. Everytime I go out there's always a climb back up. I run mostly at a bit lower altitude at 1600m, by Lake Matemale or at Pyrénées 2000 where the trails are more flat. I find breathing heavy hurts a lot, so I have kept that right out of my training. So with hardly any fast sessions, I hope to have saved it all up for during the race. I leave this Thursday and meet my Dad at the airport in Germany as he's coming over from NZ to watch me in Hamburg and London.

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