Wednesday, July 20, 2011

4th in Hamburg - Aussie 1, 2, 3!

I went to Hamburg wanting a good race but not really knowing if I would. It isn't the best to think this I know but I hadn't been able to train properly for a week, so Laurent advised me not to go. Laurent had always planned to rest in July for the London qualification and The Tour de France came to Montpellier on Sunday, so there were plenty of reasons to stay. But me being stubborn wanted to race, so I went.
I felt rested when I arrived in Hamburg. I did my own thing, trained when I wanted and relaxed in the hotel.

It was a wetsuit swim, and I felt like I had a good start, but I arrived at the buoy the same time as the majority and I got pushed really wide around the first turns. From then, it was a struggle to swim with so many people around. I made it to the swim exit in about 40th. I hopped on my bike behind a long line of athletes strung out in single file. I picked up places, one by one and didn't let myself drop from anyone's wheel. Quickly enough, during the first lap I rode up into the first group and 35 athletes stayed together for the 40km. I stayed safe during the bike saved myself for the run because I knew from last year how flat and fast it was. This race was no different. I had decided I didn't want to run like I did in Madrid and blow up the last k, so I ran behind as much as I could. Emma Moffatt really dug in at 6km and split herself from anyone else. I tried to run with Emma Snowsill in 2nd but when Emma Jackson ran past us. I had nothing to go with her. I could only run for 4th, letting the 3 Emma's fill the podium.

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