Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bronze at Sprint Triathlon World Championships - Lausanne

Lausanne is a beautiful destination with a challenging course and it had amazing weather over the World Championship series weekend. It was well into the 30s for our race which made it just a little bit harder! It was my first sprint race against a World's best women's field. It began fast with a 750m swim in clean clear Lake Geneva. I wanted to reach the turning buoys in a good position which I did, but lost a few positions on the 300m straight back to the shore. I exited the water around 10th position and settled into the main pack. The 500m hill on each of the 4 laps was tiring for everybody, there was a lot of heavy breathing around. It took our group almost 3 laps to catch Helen Jenkins who rode off solo after she exited the water ahead. The race for the places began on the run and the pace was on from the beginning. I managed to run behind the leaders, with a red face and sometimes with my eyes closed. I took on no water for the 5km. I just kept pushing until I had crossed the finish line. I would've liked to have had another gear to push into like Barbara Riveros, but I didn't. I was pretty happy to run down the finish chute in 3rd place though, back on the podium.

Massively dehydrated from Saturday and pretty tired, I raced the first leg of the Team's race on Sunday. It was more of a fun race, so much easier because it was so much shorter and with a much smaller field. New Zealand finished in 10th place and straight after a shower, it was into the car for a 4hr drive back to France with Laurent.
I am to race in the French club team's triathlon in Tours on Sunday, and one week later travel on to Beijing for the Grand Finale. I am 4th in the World rankings, just 1 point from 3rd!
It will be ALL ON in BEIJING!!

Click here for full Lausanne results