Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dunkerque French Grand Prix Triathlon

Last weekend I raced in a sprint distance triathlon in Dunkerque, the first round of the French GP series. It is a team competition format of 5 rounds and the best 3 individual results from each team determine the team's points for the round. I'm competing for Beauvais Triathlon for my third year racing in this series. We have finished 2nd behind Poissy Triathlon for the past 2 years. And again in Dunkerque we finished 2nd behind Poissy.
The Beauvais team chose a starting position right in the middle of the pontoon, just asking for a fight really which is exactly what happened when we dove into the water. I was struggling to swim for the first 200m to the first bouy as there was everyone swimming so close to each other. After the 750m, I exited 35sec behind the leader Jess Harrison FRA. As soon as I got on my bike I put on my bike shoes and put my hands on my drops and focused on getting my way to the front. I weaved around 10 or so who didn't manage to keep up and rode my way up to the front group of 10 with 4 others by the 8km mark. The remaining 12km of the bike was relatively easy and I came off the bike and out of T2 feeling good at the beginning of the run. Anja Dittmer GER pushed first then Magali Di Marco SUI, the first 1km was hard. But then everyone settled down and we comfortably ran together as a group. Directly in front of me, Emmie Charayron FRA tripped as she was running too close behind Anja with 300m to go and Erin Densham AUS, who ran up from 30sec behind, began the sprint and Anja followed quickly as Jodie Swallow GBR and I were a bit slower to chase. I crossed the line in 3rd place, really happy to have put together a strong race especially in the bike and run, still have to put in more work on my wetsuit swimming though.
And a huge congrats to Laurent who put together an awesome race to win the mens race.
I have lots to think about for Madrid which will most likely be a non wetsuit swim with 30deg estimated this Sunday. I travel from France to Madrid on Thursday and I am looking forward to catching up with John, my coach, who is coming to see the race from NZ. This weekend is an important race as it is part of the World Championship series in which all the races of the series accumulate points for the final World Championship ranking for 2009. A+