Saturday, May 2, 2009

The 1st World Champs Series race - A race to forget

I began the Tongyeong World Championship series race with a bad swim leg, then a crash on the first lap on the bike which resulted in losing contact with any group and caused my left bottom cheek to swell up all grazed.
I exited the water over 1 minute behind and at 2km on the bike I went down.
After I crashed I jumped straight back on my bike with my chain off, so had to get off again and fumble with my chain and of course by then the group was gone. I rode alone for 20km then decided to wait for the girl behind me as I was losing time by myself. It also hurt to go down on my aerobars with the burn on my forearm, and I didn't feel like I was riding well. I waited for Supanova UKR who was chasing behind me. But when I got onto the run, there was no energy, I felt flat and each time I took on water, it touched my burn and it stung. So, a race to forget about. I will keep dry for the next 5 days at least and heal.
Now I am a supporter, I will cheer on Laurent in the mens race!
Allez Laurent :)