Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bye bye NZ

I arrived in South Korea last night for the first event of my 2009 overseas race season. On Saturday is the Tongyeong Triathlon World Championship series race 1. At breakfast this morning, I had an interview with Peter Holmes from ITU media. It is posted on . I see my sister, Sara, in Dubai has already seen it and has put a link to it from her facebook :)thanks sis. Yesterday I landed at Busan airport, then there was a 2 hours drive to Tongyeong. So at 12.30pm when I arrived at the hotel, I crashed straight in bed.But I was woken up, first at 6am, then at 7am from work beginning in the harbour directly outside of my room. I am unfazed by most things when I sleep, but the bed here has the hardest mattress ever, so it was difficult to get comfy again to go back to sleep. At 7am I was awake and not sleepy, the jetlag for me here is going to be more at night, because of travelling 3 hours backwards. At 7pm it is 10pm in NZ so over dinner I'm sure I'll be falling asleep. I rode to the swimming pool after breakfast and rode back, stopping off at Familymart for some lunch. I like the takeaway triangle sushi but I'm not sure about the sweet bread. And lunch cost 10000 won, the inflation must have been high here at some point.. The World Championship series events all have live coverage in the country of the event. But if you aren't in Korea, then you can watch the live coverage on the internet on this Saturday 2nd May on . It starts at 1.55pm local time = 4.55pm NZ time, and the mens race is on Sunday. The Olympic distance triathlon 1500m swim 40km bike 10km run will take around 2 hrs and there will be coverage on Sky Sport in NZ sometime too. Take care, Andrea