Saturday, August 23, 2008

Report from the Olympic Games, Beijing

Thank you everyone for your good wishes and support for the Olympics.

I loved the race! It was really amazing because With all the pressure of the Olympics, during the race I felt the best I had this year..luckily because it was the biggest race and all of you were watching. There were huge crowds at the venue too and everything was run perfectly, there wasn't a lot of waiting around and i had a good feeling in the warm up because there were so many people around. I feel really lucky to have been a part of it. I had a good swim with no problems (no fights) exiting 10th or so and right in the middle of the front pack. The bike was fast and slow, fast and slow, as the Swiss and others tried to push the pace but there was no attack big enough to be a breakaway. The 2nd transition for me was the best start i could possibily have going onto the 10km run. I ran out in 1st position feeling really strong and i pushed really hard for the first 3km. I then had the hardest part of my race when i had to settle down and not run at Emmas pace! and finish the best i could. I placed 8th, and I was awarded with an Olympic Games Diploma (which the top 8 receive).
Since Monday, i have had a week to enjoy the festivites of the Olympic Games, seeing some athletics, mountain biking and kayaking and attending a few parties too. Also i 5 x my McDonalds visits this year at the village, since i'd only had it once this year. And finally i have the Closing Ceremony tonight, actually 15 minutes until i need to be ready..
Hope to see you all soon, although i'm not on the NZ team plane home, because i fly back to France on Tuesday to finish the season and I plan to return home in October.