Sunday, August 24, 2008

Olympic response from my coach John Hellemans

"Hello all,
well, Andrea delivered, 8th in a star studded field. Her goal was to get in the top 10. The race was very close with no real splits in the swim and bike. Her transition from the bike to the run was lightning fast and very cleverly done. We had agreed that she would push it hard for the first 3 km on the run, but when I saw her running stride for stride with Emma Snowsill for the first kilometer I have to admit that I got a bit worried, but she tuft it out and latched on smartly to anyone who tried to pass her for as long as she could, she is a real competitor, still ran 35.48 so very good especially under the hot conditions (29 degrees). Debbie had a solid race for 10th. Samantha was disappointed with her race, 16th, did not have a good day.

After the race andrea was very happy having achieved her main goal. For me, as her coach, she has been a delight to work with towards the Olympics.She has been responsive, understands what is required and has been totally prepared to do the work. There is further improvement in her yet and I am confident that she will realise that over the next few years.

After 25 years this were my last 2 races as a personal front line triathlon coach, one excellent result and a not so good one, sums up coaching really. Had a good innings with 5 world champions, 2 world championships bronze medals 4 olympians and more then a handful of world cup podiums. Mainly thanks to the quality of athletes I was privileged to work with. So I like to thank them first and foremost

Others I like to thank are:
- My family and friends, for helping me to keep my triathlon life in perspective.
- Tri-NZ ( formerly the New Zealand Triathlon Association), SPARC (formerly the Hillary Commission) and The New Zealand
Academy of Sport (formerly the New Zealand Sports Foundation) for their financial, educational and other support.
- My colleagues in coaching.
- Renzie Hanham

Yours in Sport
John Hellemans"